Very minimal container runtime in Rust. Implementation of Containers from Scratch but in Rust, based on Liz Rice's talks.


Docker config and shell manager for using containers as ad-hoc dev environments

xv6 OS Docker

Docker container development environment for MIT's xv6 kernel.


Remote code executor server, frontend, and CLI to run untrusted code as a non-root user in a Docker container


CLI to download templated CloudWatch graphs across many AWS accounts

[open-source] earthly required args

Add required args to Earthfile language and build tool for earthly/earthly project

[open-source] Fix broken lang-painless comment parsing

Fix broken parsing of single-line comments in OpenSearch cluster scripting language


A minimal Rust client for using the Stack Exchange API

[open-source] helidon example error handling

Handle HTTP errors from malicious requests in oracle helidon-io framework example

[open-source] mirrord impersonated containers

Override impersonated k8s container names in mirrord